Finishing 102: Stains & Color:  Mixing, Layering, Glazing, Toning  W/ Mitch Kohanek


Finishing 102: Stains & Color:  Mixing, Layering, Glazing, Toning

Tuition: $425

Materials Fee: $35

3 days 10-5

Class Description:

This three day class is part lecture with an emphasis on “hands on” learning of coloring wood.

Achieving the color you want on your project is much easier if you first understand how color is created. If you cannot find a container of stain or dye that gives you the color you want, learn how to adjust that color with another color. By learning how to correctly choose the colors to be mixed together, you can create color with predictability and repeatability.

Layering colors is a professional wood finisher’s technique to put certain colors on top of each other.

Layering colors allows you to achieve colors that can’t be created from mixing colors together. All professional finishers use Glazing as another technique for achieving certain colors. This technique really helps create a visual depth that only Glazing can do. Professional refinishers always rely on glazing in their restoration work.  Toning is a most valuable technique to make adjustments to colors that are not quite correct after the color and coating has been applied.

Hands on learning: Mixing colors together, layering colors on top of each other, glazing and toning techniques as well as proper application techniques.

Finishing 101 is highly recommended, but not required.

Student Required Supplies:

Sanding Block: Woodcraft SKU: 158293

Felt Rubbing Pad: Woodcraft SKU: 38N41

Dust mask or respiratory protection

Bring in your HVLP spray gun if you have one

Can opener

Blue tape



Mitch Kohanek Biography


Bring any brushes or applicators you have been using to have Mitch review to see if you’re using the proper tools for each technique/application.  It will also be helpful for each student to bring in any small-medium size plastic containers for finish storage during the class.








April 28th-30th

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Mitch Kohanek

The Woodworkers Club

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