By Hand & Eye Workshop w/ George Walker

George Walker Layout

A recent post (Sept. 11th, 2014) by  Chris Schwarz about By Hand & Eye: CLICK HERE

By Hand & Eye Workshop will Focus on:

  • Foundations of Proportional Design
  • Working with Dividers and Sectors
  • Geometric construction of angles and regular forms
  • Drawing Ellipses
  • Creating Moulding Profiles
  • Designing a Side Table
  • Designing a Chest of Drawers
  • Sketching and rendering techniques
  • Applying proportional Design Techniques to your work

Suggested Student Design Tool List

  • Sketch pad, plain white spiral bound artists pad 9X12 or 12X18.
  • Two pair of dividers, it’s handy if they are two different sizes (6″ & 10″)
  • A pair of compasses  
  • 45 degree drafting triangle
  • Straight edge, 12″ long is fine
  • Pencil / eraser / Sharpener
  • Exacto knife or sharp marking knife
  • Optional – Small block plane – For making battens to lay out curves. Instructor will have several on hand if needed.
  • Optional – Artist marking pens (magic markers) in a couple of earth tones (browns). Pick up at any craft store that sells art supplies.

In addition, you can check out George’s more comprehensive drawing and layout tool list in his book, By Hand & Eye.

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2 Day Workshop Agenda

Do not seek to emulate the old masters, / Seek what they sought.”
Basho, Haiku Poet
Most of us know instinctively when a design looks pleasing, but struggle to explain why. Or we might sense it falls short, but are left blank beyond the vague feeling that something’s amiss. At work behind those likes and dislikes is our inner eye, perhaps a bit rusty, but still capable of firing the imagination. This fun-filled workshop will change the way you build furniture, with a focus on simple exercises that will awaken your inner eye. Students are encouraged to bring along an idea for a project and can expect to leave with a design ready to build. You’ll learn to unpack masterworks and see the inner structure, along with drawing techniques to grasp how proportions work to create harmony. Each student will walk through several time honored classical drawing standards that will sharpen your ability to make subtle refinements.

Classroom Pic

Nov. 3-4th, 2014

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM


The Woodworkers Club

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