Hand Tool Sharpening and Use Intensive

Norton Combo Stones

In this class, we will cover sharpening and tuning techniques to bring the most out of your hand plane and chisel use.  We will discuss the best use of each tool and the best way to put and keep an edge on your tools.  The first class will cover sharpening, tuning, and hand tool selection while using grinders, water stones, honing guides and strops.  During the second  class, we will use our newly sharpened planes and chisels to make a cheese board using techniques in flattening and shaping wood.

If you have any tools that need to be sharpened, bring them in for class.  If not, we have plenty at the shop to practice on.

There is also an included Intermediate Waterstone Sharpening Kit for purchase:

Kit at full price: $215.00

 WWC  Student Kit Price: $160.00 (Save 25% !!)

The Intermediate Waterstone Kit features two Norton synthetic combination grit waterstones: a 220/1000 and a 4000/8000. Unlike traditional waterstones, Norton synthetic stones do not require soaking prior to use or a Nagura stone to build a slurry; instead, the surface simply needs to be kept wet to help float away metal and abrasive particles. This feature results in harder more durable stones that last longer. The Kit also includes our 9″ x 12″ x 2″ thick granite surface plate and a starter pack of 220-grit wet/dry sandpaper to keep your stones flat. Lastly an economical honing guide and water stone holder is included to assist in registering the proper angles needed for chisel and iron honing.

 Kit + Tuition = $310.00

Have your own supplies ? Call the store to sign up for the class W/O the Kit

Cost: $150


Feb. 27-28

6:30 PM - 9:30 PM


The Woodworkers Club

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