Introduction to Carving W/ Robert Shaw


Instructor:  Robert Shaw
Robert Shaw has many years of carving experience covering a wide range of carving techniques including extensive carving instruction experience.   The class will also be supported by an instructor assistant.
Class Description:  Beginning carvers are often stymied in their first carving attempts by not having appropriate tools, not knowing how to make basic carving cuts, not knowing how the characteristics of wood interact with their tools to hinder carving progress, not knowing the variety of carving techniques available to them or even a basic project to carve.  A little help goes a long way and that is what we intend to provide in this first basic carving class.  We will carve an eagle head profile in low relief with a view to aid beginners to get started with the basics of carving.  This is also a good introduction to a carved eagle head that will help preparing students in participating in carving an eagle head in the round for use as a walking cane head, perhaps as a participant in the new carving club sponsored project to donate canes to wounded warriors of our military.  Students will get a basic introduction to carving with knives, gouges, chisels and a very short look at rotary tool power carving.  We will not answer all your questions, but we will get you off to a good start on a really fun hobby.
Prerequisite:  Basic woodworking and sharpening awareness
Materials Provided:  Project patterns and a basswood carving blank is provided as part of the class fee
Suggested Tool List:
(The Woodworkers Club has discounted a large list of carving kits and sharpening accessories below. The discounts only apply to items on the”Tool Kit Options”)
  • A basic set of 6-12 full-size carving tools including a V-parting tool, flat chisel and round mallet are required.  one or two flat bench chisels are an acceptable substitute for flat chisels.
  • The carving tools should include a range of gouges consisting of different sweeps (#3 – #9) and different widths (1/8″ – 3/4″).
  • A basic hand sharpening stone set including a leather strop will be needed.
  • The sharpening stone set can be either oil, water, ceramic or diamond with at least two stone grits in the 1200 and 8000 grit range is a good starting point.
  • A set of stone sharpening slips with various profiles for refining the inside edges of tools is recommended.
  • A leather strop with stropping compound (micro-fine green or Flexcut Gold) for fine polishing is also recommended.
  • Basic drawing accessories including pencil. eraser, 6″ or 12″ ruler, dividers
  • Safety Carving Glove

Student Carving Tool Purchase Option:  If students desire to purchase a starter set of carving tools and/or sharpening equipment from The Woodworkers Club, an order must be placed at least 10 days in advance of the class start date to ensure arrival in time for the class.  Several recommended Pfeil carving tool sets and/or sharpening sets have been identified for the class and can be ordered in advance of the class.  Below is a link for several options . The student discount of the recommended tool list below is only valid until the end of class on June 5th.

Tool Kit Options

Instructor: Robert Shaw

Assistant: Bert Bleckwenn

Bleckwenn - Headshot - 080913

June 5th

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM


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