Make a Spokeshave (Curly Maple)



Build your own spokeshave with the Quality Hock Blades in ONE DAY!!! 4-7/16” cutting edge, 27 degree bevel, high carbon steel.

Making your own tools helps you look at tool and blade function differently.  We will cover spokeshave use and how it fits into your wood shaping arsenal. The class examines the differences and advantages of the low angle design and the more familiar bevel down version.  Basic sharpening is covered as well as how to sharpen the spokeshaves unique blade.  We will discuss the unique challenges and solutions for working with figured wood.  Cutting, profiling, and shaping the handles gives the student practice in working in developing shapes that are friendly to the eye and the hand. Expected equipment to be used during class: Band Saw, Drill Press, Oscillating Sander, Chisels, Hand Clamps, Vise, Pencils, Small Square, 6 inch Ruler, Rasp, Card Scraper, Sandpaper.


Having 2 is better than 1!!!!.

As a special offering for this new class, signing up for the Promo kit buy, gets you both the large and the small Hock spoke shave kits as well as an extra highly figured curly maple blank cut to size. The class will focus on the making of the large spoke shave, but you will be leaving with the knowledge of how to make one and be able to make the small spoke shave to add to your growing hand tool arsenal. If you dont have the tools needed to complete the the second spoke shave, we would highly recommend looking at becoming a Member of the Woodworkers Club and gaining access to our extremely well equipped facility. Membership Options

June 9th

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Andrew McSpadden

The Woodworkers Club


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