Next Steps in Woodcarving W/ Mary May

Mary Carving

Professional woodcarver, Mary May, will teach the next steps in woodcarving. For those who know the basics in carving, come join us in working on several relief carving projects. Mary will review the basics such as tool safety, tool sharpening, clamping techniques, carving in the correct grain direction and will then take you the next step to more challenging projects. Don’t worry if you have not had much carving experience. Just the basics are needed.
Tool list (fishtail shaped gouges are preferred when available)
6mm v-chisel
#3, 6mm
#3, 14mm
#5, 6mm
#5, 14mm
#7, 6mm
#7, 14mm
Carving Detail

Nov. 4-5th

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Mary May

The Woodworkers Club

This class is full. Please check the schedule for other available dates.