Building an Acoustic Guitar



Max: 6 Students

Cost: $300


 Lunch Provided

Many of those who have played or even admired the beauty of the guitar have shown interest in someday making an heirloom instrument that can be played today and passed on and continued to be played for generations. This class is designed to take a beginner/intermediate woodworker through the steps to make a steel string acoustic guitar from a unique kit.

You will learn the terminology and the techniques focused on many of the specialized processes to complete your own personalized instrument. The process is broken down into small steps to familiarize the student with the construction of the neck including truss rod installation, fingerboard & fretting, abalone inlay and construction of the body including brace trimming/fitting, top installation, bridge gluing/alignment, purfling and final fit up of the neck to body joint using a bolt-on system.

Each guitar will be completed leaving the final top coat finish up to the student. Look for our other classes designed for finishing techniques. Be sure to visit the store to see and play the finished guitar.

When signing up for the class, you will have two models to choose from:

Sapele or Sycamore.

You must sign up and pay one week prior to the start of this class.

DSC_9635Classroom Shot 2

Dec. 6-8th

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Scott Dixon

The Woodworkers Club

This class is full. Please check the schedule for other available dates.