The Anarchist’s Tool Chest w/ Christopher Schwarz


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Aside from a workbench, a sturdy tool chest is one of the most important things to have in your shop. It organizes and protects your tools from damage, rust and loss. While many woodworkers have attempted to improve upon the traditional chest design that emerged 300 years ago, the old form has remained the absolute best way to keep the most amount of tools in the smallest space.

 Required Tool List

Cutting Lists

 (Materials Not Included)(Choose 1 of the 2 projects)


The cut lists are finished sizes. Everything should be cut to finished length except all the skirt and dust seal material – that should be 1″ over-long.

Best material to use is clear Pine, followed by Poplar.

– Christopher Schwarz  (Aug. 20th, 2013)

Materials run in the $300-$350 Range



Traveling Chest

In this five-day class you will build the shell of your own traditional tool chest using hand tools and techniques. Its exterior is dovetailed and decorated with hand-cut mouldings. This is an excellent first project for a new hand-tool woodworker. Skills you will learn in this class include:

• Truing up panels using bench planes

• Traditional through-dovetail joinery

• Cutting basic mouldings by hand

• Cutting shiplap joints

• Fitting plinths to a carcase

• Cut nail technology

• Making a raised-panel lid

By the end of class you will have all the skills you need to complete the interior of the chest at your workshop at home, whether you want to make just a few sliding tills or even a full-blown interior cabinet with dovetailed drawers.

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May 5-9th, 2014

10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Christopher Schwarz

The Woodworkers Club

This class is full. Please check the schedule for other available dates.